Defination of Phimosis

The foreskin covers the glans of penis partially or completely, causing pain & complete or partial obstruction to the flow of urine that is phimosis.

Symptoms of Phimosis


  • Get Irritate.
  • Puts recurrently hand at panis.
  • Difficulty while urination.
  • Urine with high pressure.
  • sleep on Stomach.
  • Not eating properly.

Treatment Procedure

Vrana sotha (inflammatory stage) (vidradhi) localized collection of pus i.e abscess (vrana) Abcess improperly treated causes ulcer

Importance of Foreskin

  • It helps to cover glans penis.
  • It protects the glans penis from friction & infection.
  • It helps to protect natural lubricant of glans penis from getting dry and in turn protects from lacerations also.
  • Foreskin gives more pleasure during intercourse.
  • It expands to accommodate erected penis.

Ayurveda treatment of Phimosis by Dr.Ghute’s MPRT Method

  • आदौ विमलापनं कुर्यात..........!
  • पंचमं शोधनं कुर्यात,षष्ठम् रोपण मिष्यते !
  • एतेक्रमा व्रणस्योक्त: सप्तमं वैकृतापहम् !!
  • सु.सु.२१/३७
  • Pressing /squeezing (विम्लापन): After application of our Herbal medicated formulation(Which is preapered by 27 types of herbs) we wait for 20 Minutes for the absorption of medicine and then we squeez the foreskin. Swelling which are fixed and less painful are subjected to snehana and swedana and then pressed using by hands or by thumbs.

  • Vimlaplan procedure not only includes pressing/squeezing,but also includes other measures like pralepa,pariseka,abhyanga,etc.

  • This makes the tridosha to liquify and thus the swelling gets reduced and disappears.

  • Cleaning (शोधनम् ):After Pressing /Squeezing we retract gently foreskin of glans of penis and glans comes out easily with the effect of medicated formulation.Then we clean all the smegma which is collected on glans penis. And also remove the fibrus tissues.

  • Healing (रोपनम्): At this stage glans of penis becomes very redish and very sensitive so we apply an ayurvedic formulation to heal the superfecial redish layer of glans of penis.

  • Repairing scar (वैकृतापहम् ): After procedure of Non Surgical Treatment Of PHIMOSIS by Dr.Ghute’s MPRT Method we ask patient for daily dressing for next 7 days to repair the redness of glans of penis.

Comparision of circumcision & Dr.Ghute’s MPRT Method



  • This technique is cost effective & Safe.
  • It’s a Non surgical, easy to perform, manual OPD level technique.
  • No risk & complications are reported till date.
  • All Content used in siddha thaila are herbal with no side effects.
  • This technique is complete replacement to circumcision operation.