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Phimosis Cure in Dombivali:

Aanandi Ayurved & Phimosis Center is located in Dombivali, here we treat all kind of clinical problems with the help of Ayurveda. Our speciality lies in providing Phimosis Cure in Dombivali in a simple but effective method. Our head doctor, Dr. Ghute is a trained ayurvedic professional for Phimosis Cure in Dombivali with over a decade of experience. He has treated more than 6000 case with a 100% success rate.

The cause of Phimosis could be due to some infection and hence one needs to consult an Expert in case they are unable to manage the condition by themselves. One can later indulge in a thorough treatment or a health package which can cure the condition.

Dr. Ghute is one of the few professionals located in Dombivli and in the city to perform the treatment of phimosis using Ayurveda. Dr. Ghute is a paediatrician and is an expert in providing Phimosis Cure in Dombivali which occurs in children. He is the pioneer of natural treatment of phimosis and the MPRT technique since 2006. With around 500 professional working staffs, we perform treatment of phimosis on a regularly basis. Our treatment is completely Natural, and we do not perform circumcision which makes our procedure completely safe. Our staff is completely child friendly and safe to trust with.

    • Repeated urinary tract infections.
    • Foreskin infection and trauma.
    • Repeated rough handling of the foreskin.
    • A paste made out of 27 types of herbs which is applied on the penis and then it slowly pressed and squeezed. This procedure is completely painless and in rare case the patients may feel mild pain which they need not worry about. The paste applied will result in the swelling to reduce and completely disappear.
    • The glands on the penis is then cleaned and it is easily collected due to the herbal medications. We also remove the fibrous tissue.
    • And finally, if any form of scares has to happen, it would heal within 7 days of the procedure. We require our patients for daily dressing for the next seven days.
    • Get irritated most of the time.
    • Regularly puts hand in his pants to hold or scratch is penis.
    • Difficulty in urinating and high-pressure urination, there may be complete or partial obstruction on the tip of the penis.
    • Generally, sleeps on the stomach.
    • Loss of appetite.

In adult’s phimosis cause the penis to experience extreme pain while performing sexual activity.

Our staff at Aanandi Ayurved & Phimosis Center, Dombivli consist of well-trained professionals. We do not conduct any form of surgery of phimosis and provide the safest method for Phimosis Cure in Dombivali. Since we use ayurvedic treatment there is no need for anaesthesia or suture during the procedure. There is no form of injection or lubricants involved. While a phimosis surgery takes 7 to 10 days to heal our ayurvedic strategy take a maximum of 3 to 5 days to heal completely. There is no pain while we conduct our procedure, in rare case the patients may experience mild pain. It is an OPD level, manual technique. We study our patient’s medical history before starting any kind of procedure. At Aanandi Ayurved & Phimosis Center, DR. Ghute treatment is highly effective and cost effective and is a renowned Doctor for Phimosis cure in Dombivali. There is no need to be hospitalised and the patients can carry out their daily activities with ease. There is no side effect of our treatment.

Phimosis Treatment in Badlapur

DR. Ghute’s Aanandi Ayurved and Phimosis center gives the best Phimosis Treatment in Badlapur. Dr. Angad Ghute has been practicing since last 17 years and is a reliable Expert in this treatment. We have highly qualified and experienced staff. We are serving all over in Mumbai. We are best in serving our patient and you will definitely get relief with foreskin issues by our treatment in India. No side effect of phimosis treatment. Feel free talk or contact with us. We have massive presence in Thane, Dombivli, Kalyan, Ulhasnagar, Ambernath, Badlapur, Mumbai and Navi Mumbai.

Phimosis is a condition in which a person is unable to pull back his foreskin either partially or completely. People keep on searching on internet the various options for best Phimosis Treatment in Badlapur. We are glad to inform you that not all the patients have to undergo a surgery and Phimosis can be corrected/treated without Surgery as well. And we at DR. Ghute’s Aanandi Ayurved and Phimosis Center provide the most trustworthy Phimosis Treatment in Badlapur. If this condition is neglected, then it may lead to the folding of the foreskin on the neck of the penis permanently. This would cause severe pain when you try to bring back the foreskin to its actual position.

We have 100% success ratio in Phimosis Treatment in Badlapur. Phimosis Treatment in Badlapur has various options and it depends on the symptoms that occur after the Phimosis Condition. Most cases of balanitis are easily treated with good hygiene, creams, and ointments. People are advised to clean the penis daily with lukewarm water and to dry it gently to improve hygiene.

We are providing online support to our patients. We are accepting online booking of appointment. We have skilled and experienced doctors in Badlapur Phimosis Treatment centre to serve you. We are assuring you to get rid of all foreskin issues. Our Ayurvedic Phimosis treatments are very cost effective. OPD level ayurvedic treatments are available. We have thousands of satisfied patients from our service. We are always on toe to serve you and get best service to our patients. We give best Ayurvedic Treatment for Phimosis in Badlapur.

    • No pain, bleeding or infection after the treatment.
    • There is no need of Hospitalization after the treatment.
    • The treatment for Phimosis is Highly cost effective.
    • Recovery period is just 3 – 5 days.
    • The Experts stick to the OPD procedure.
    • No cauterization or sutures required.
    • Your Fertility does not get affected.
    • In the treatment of Phimosis in children.
    • He is pioneer in the natural treatment of phimosis and has been following MPRT technique since 2006.
    • He has gained 6000+ satisfied patients who trust him and his treatment for Phimosis.
    • Has trained over 500+ qualified staff.
    • No cutting of foreskin required.
    • No stitches, anesthesia or hospitalization required.
    • No injection and the discharge is promised after 30 min of the Phimosis treatment.
    • No wound, no scar left after the treatment.
    • This technique is cost effective and safe.
    • It is non surgical, easy to perform, manual OPD level techniques.
    • No risk and complications are reported till date.
    • This technique is complete replacement to circumcision operation.
    • All content used in the treatment done by Dr. Ghute are herbal and have no side effects.